Logo and Status Update

I have been working on some logo art over the week, when I haven't been debugging/tweaking the code. I think we have a finalized company name and logo for that as well but I am not gonna post it yet.

I think this is going to be game logo, or something close to it. 

Rotational momentum is all working now. We have been running various test geometry to verify that it is all working correctly. I am working on setting up multi-segmented ships, which will add some more complexity to the physics but it I should be able to adapt it iteratively based off of Eddie's initial code. I also have to do some sorting/prioritizing functionality for the ship segments, but I think I have an algorithm from an old completely unrelated project that I can incorporate after I find it.

Eddie has been working a background for box art and the website. Probably some sort of circuit board design. He also bought an iPad 2 and has been playing with a very slick music app for it, that he might use to create some music for spaceboxer.

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